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The Rainbow congregation has, from the very beginning had an eye toward missions. Financial records indicate that mission programs have existed in this congregation from day one. The Childhaven Children’s Home in Cullman, AL has received contributions from the beginning of this congregation and they  still do today.

In March of 1959, Sister Martha Murphree of the Central Church of Christ in Gadsden, boarded a ship in New Orleans bound for Salzburg, Austria, with plans of mission work under the supervision of Brother Robert Skelton and his wife. The Rainbow congregation was proud to support her efforts to the tune of $100 a month.

In the early 1960’s the congregation attempted to establish a Christian school for kindergarten through the fifth grade. However, after a few financially burdensome years, the school was closed.


Rainbow has been generous through the years giving missionary support to several worthy endeavors and to this day is very mission minded. In 1978 Rainbow was introduced to the World Bible School program and this continues to be a main stay in our evangelistic efforts.

During the 1980’s Norman Flynn was supported by Rainbow as he did mission work in South Africa. During that same time Steve Worley began a mission in northern Nigeria where he and Solomon Aguh established the School of Biblical Studies. This is a work that has grown greatly through the years and Rainbow continues to support it.  In 1986 Rainbow was heavily involved with the We Care Campaign which saw every home in Gadsden contacted.

Today our Elders over see the wonderful work done by Velaphi Mlangeni and his family and staff in Zimbabwe at our World Bible School office. We also help with ongoing efforts by Kerry & Karla Sword in the Ukraine. We support Carlos Perez and the Hispanic Ministry in Collinsville, AL.

On a local front, our Community Outreach events have been going strong for the past several years. We have become well known in our community due to events like Trunk or Treat, Breakfast with Santa, Free Car Wash and Pancake Breakfast and Veteran’s Breakfast. Our Jail Ministry continues to do great things! A few years ago, we conducted our Greatest Thing campaign. An evangelistic campaign unlike anything that has been seen in Gadsden in decades. The week long campaign resulted in over 30 people obeying the gospel of Christ. We saw 61 souls obey the gospel of Christ that year….God is so good!

We love and appreciate all those who have come before us...those men and women who have paved the way for us. For over sixty years Rainbow has been a mission minded congregation and as long as the Lord tarries, may this never change.